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    How you start your morning can make or break the rest of your day…
    Does every one of your mornings start off right? Will every day go as expected? Probably not. We want to help you take back your mornings. Now you can fuel your day’s journey with your choice of nutrition. On your time.
    Start your day off with success. FIREKI is the “KEY” to unlocking your inner fire.
    FIREKI insulated drinkware and food canisters let you create the perfect meal on the go. Even after an hour of traffic, or the Monday meeting that went over 20 minutes again. Even if you want take the scenic route on a perfect, sunny day.
    When you're ready to come back to your coffee, it’s still hot (or cold if you prefer your latte over ice). Drink it when you’re ready to fuel your fire.
    Instead of leaving your breakfast up to chance, pack up your nutritious creation and take it along on the road.  Come back to it when you can actually savor every bite of your meal. You deserve to take your time.

    Sleek. Reusable. Sustainable.

    We started FIREKI after our struggle to find drinkware that worked universally. We wanted a product with the durability of stainless steel and double-wall insulation, yet easy to hold and take on the go. We were searching for our go-to cup. One that would eliminate the need for breakable or disposable drinkware.
    So we set out to find a solution. We spent two years personally developing a design that could fit seamlessly into our lives.

    Our goal is simple: to provide you with a dependable product that empowers you to focus on your mission, no matter where the day takes you.